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Robert Crumb art remains a staple of satirical commentary in underground cartoons. Founder of publications such as Zap, Mr. Natural, and Fritz the Cat, the artist, born in Philadelphia in 1943, is known for his biting views on American culture. Due to their sexual and psychedelic aspects his work found popularity with the Sixties counterculture. Crumb's style of exaggerated bodies and large, robust women is easily recognized. His contribution to music memorabilia includes drawings of early Blues greats and the 1968's album cover for Big Brother and the Holding Company's Cheap Thrills, the debut album of Janice Joplin.

Robert Crumb's art< and life was documented by his friend, Terry Zwigoff. Released in 1994, the disturbingly honest film Crumb captures the connection between art and mental illness. R. Crumb's art and caricature drawings for sale include new works and limited editions of revamped classics. Enjoy the comic relief of vintage caricature drawings and artwork offered online at auction.
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