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Sold at Auction: Xavier Cugat

Alias:Xavier Cugat Mingall


Artist Xavier Cugat began drawing as a hobby at age 16. He first started drawing caricatures professionally in 1927 after having an unsuccessful career as a concert soloist. He began cartooning for the Los Angeles Times. Many of these caricatures have been syndicated and reprinted. As a painter, Xavier Cugat created pieces that caricatured situations, including capturing his celebrity contemporaries, such as those in "Dining at Melvyn's." One of artist Xavier Cugat's more notable lithographic prints is an image of Golda Meir standing in front of a plane with a Star of David, and the U.S. Capitol Building in the background. Because of their relative rarity, Xavier Cugat art prices, whether for paintings or prints, are elevated. Collectors looking for modern lithographs of newspaper art, such as editorial cartoons, and contemporary paintings for sale online will find many excellent examples of such works are available through Invaluable.
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