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Sold at Auction: Sherree Valentine Daines

Alias:Sherree Valentine-Daines


Sherree Valentine Daines' paintings are distinctive because of her accuracy in capturing the spirit of her subjects, the sense of movement her paintings convey, and her use of light as an integral part of the pictures. Sherree Valentine Daines' paintings cover such diverse subjects as celebrities, rugby stars, and Royals, and there are two published books of her work. The Royal Society awarded her their Young Artist of the Year Award. Daines was commissioned to commemorate England's World Cup Victory by creating a pair of portraits of two team members. She is considered one of the Top Five best-selling artists alive.

Sherree Valentine Daines' originals and prints for sale often depict figures playing, at parties, or relaxing in gardens. Her work, along with other Impressionist art for sale, is available at Invaluable.
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