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Sold at Auction: Salvador Dalí

Alias:Salvador Felipe Jacinto DalíSalvador Dali i DomènechSalvador Dali y DomenechSalvador Dalí DomenechSalvador Dalí DomènechSalvador Felip Jacint Dalí DomènechSalvador DalíFelip Jacint Domènech


Salvador Dali's abstract paintings have been considered proof of both the Surrealist artist's genius and madness by critics since the flamboyant provocateur first began producing his dreamscape paintings in 1929. His depiction of common items in contorted forms placed in serene landscapes, coupled with his outrageous persona, led to his rapid rise as a popular cultural figure. Born in 1904, the Spaniard studied art from an early age, beginning his career with works influenced by Impressionism and Cubism. Abstract Salvador Dali oil paintings were introduced after the writings of Sigmund Freud piqued his interest in the subconscious.

The first solo exhibition of Salvador Dali abstract paintings was 1931's The Persistence of Memory in Paris. Surrealism would heave him to fame. Salvador Dali's painting prices continue to rise, with Portrait of Paul Eluard, 1929, selling at $22.4 million. Discover a variety of abstract prints for sale online and at auction and learn a little about this art genre.
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