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Sold at Auction: Justus Danckerts

Alias:Justus DankertsJustus Danckers
copperplate engraverEtcher


Justus Danckerts I (11 November 1635 in Amsterdam – 16 July 1701 in Amsterdam) was a Dutch engraver and print publisher who along with other members of the Danckerts family created one of the leading Dutch geographical map and atlas publishing houses. Justus Danckerts was the son of Cornelis Danckerts I (1603-1656), who established the Danckerts cartographic family business in Amsterdam. After producing in the early 1680s over 20 folio-sized atlas maps, he published in 1686–1887 the first Danckerts atlas. In 1690, another 26-sheet geographical atlas was published; between 1698 and 1700, a 60-sheet atlas was completed. Its map sheets and plates were used by various publishers until the middle of the 18th century.
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