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Sold at Auction: Randall Davey

Alias:Randall Davey
PainterWall painter


Randall Davey was born in 1887 in New Jersey. After pursuing a degree in architecture, he attended the New York School of Art where he was a student of Robert Henri. Many of Randall Davey's oil paintings comprised of horse racing scenes and landscapes, although he also painted still life images and nudes. Polo was a recurring theme of Randall Davey's prints, and they convey his love of the sport he enjoyed as a player. To afford his polo hobby, Davey took on teaching positions at several esteemed art institutes, including the Chicago Institute of Art.

Randall Davey's prints show his talent at clearly representing reality. Randall Davey's artwork includes pieces such as Derby Day, Flowers in Blue Vase, and Rock and Wave. Enjoy the stories behind the art and browse the many captivating figural paintings for sale at online galleries.
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