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Sold at Auction: Miles Davis

Alias:Miles Dewey Jr. Davis


More people recognize Miles Davis as a musician than as an artist, possibly because he came to art late in life, as therapy after a stroke. This identification, however, in no way detracts from Miles Davis' art. Influenced by artists such as Basquiat, Picasso, and Kandinsky, and with an eye to African art, Miles Davis' paintings utilized bold colors and abstract compositions.

Miles Davis' art was rarely exhibited during his lifetime, although the Nerlino Gallery represented him during his final years. According to Joanne Nerlino, Davis had created over 100 paintings and drawings and had stacks of filled sketchbooks representing six years' worth of work. A book of his art, Miles Davis: The Collected Artwork, was published in 2013. Miles Davis memorabilia is prized by collectors worldwide. Collectors may find other outstanding drawings for sale online by contemporary or historical artists that capture the essence of a variety of subjects.
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