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As the grandson of British painter Henry Dawson and the son of a yachtsman, Montague Dawson put his heritage to good use, eventually becoming one of the 20th Century’s foremost seascape painters. Studying with marine painter Charles Hemy and serving the British navy in World War I helped form the artist’s sensibilities: Montague Dawson's paintings can look back to the past, as in Night Suspect’s battle between smugglers and the British navy, or they can be firmly contemporary, as in Racing Yachts at Sea.

Yet regardless of subject matter, Montague Dawson's artwork is renowned for its bold compositions and historical accuracy. Such qualities may be why Dawson’s work is displayed in many institutions and why he once counted U.S. presidents and British royalty amongst his clients. Montague Dawson's signed paintings and prints can be found in galleries and at auction. Purchase vintage seascape paintings at Invaluable and capture the powerful essence of the ocean, as seen through the eyes of the artist.
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