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Sold at Auction: George Richard Deakins

Alias:George Deakins


Artist George Richard Deakins was born in 1911 in Gosport, England, a significant naval town that would influence the young Deakins to eventually start a long career with the Royal Navy. Without formal training, painter George Deakins developed his own style, a heavily layered impasto style used by Rembrandt, Claude Monet, and Vincent van Gogh. His main subject matter, not surprisingly, was the many ships at sea he viewed from a British cruiser during World War II.  After leaving the Navy, artist George Richard Deakins returned to England and opened a studio in Somerset. From there he would travel all over the world holding one-man shows. His art is still sought after, with several George Richard Deakins maritime paintings selling at auction, including Coastal Landscape, Coastal View at Night, and Harbour Scene. Enjoy the power of the sea while browsing artists' maritime interpretations online at Invaluable.
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