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Sold at Auction: William Edward DeGarthe

Alias:William Edward De GartheBirger Edward Degerstedt


Artist William Edward DeGarthe was born in Finland in 1907 and immigrated to Canada when he was 19 years old. He apprenticed under Stanley Royle in Sackville, New Brunswick, while studying at Mount Allison University. William Edward DeGarthe paintings were of Peggy's Cove and the villagers and small coastal towns around it.

Seascape oil paintings of foamy waves crashing on rocks, or sleepy towns along the coast with boats tied to docks are popular pieces among William Edward DeGarthe's art for sale. A memorial park in artist William Edward DeGarthe's honor in Peggy’s Cove is home to a 100-foot granite wall carving that he designed of 32 local fishermen and their families. He died before the monument was finished, but it was completed and remains a major tourist spot. You can browse scenic seascape paintings for sale at auction and online and find your next artistic treasure.
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