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Sold at Auction: Edgar Degas

Alias:Hilaire Germain Edgar /%Gas, Hilaire Germain Edgar "de" DeGasEdgar-Hilaire Germain DegasHilaire Germain DegasHilaire Germain Edgar Degas
PainterPlastic Art


Born in France in 1834, Degas was known for his drawings and paintings of women at work; they ranged from laundresses to prostitutes to ballet dancers. Edgar Degas' prints reflect the economy in France during the 1870s, when women began entering the workforce in large numbers. Edgar Degas' drawings focused on line, form, and feminine movement. Though he was known as a Realist-Impressionist, he was inspired by Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso, and their influence is seen in Edgar Degas' paintings for sale.

Although he was panned by modern critics for his over-sexualized imagery of women, Edgar Degas' prints of his pastels, etchings, and oil paintings continue to fascinate. In 1868, he became a member of a group of artists, including famous painters Monet and Renoir, in an attempt to get people involved in art. Find a variety of mesmerizing figural prints for sale online and view different interpretations of the human experience.
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