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Sold at Auction: Ettore DeGrazia

Alias:Ehore De GraziaEttore De GraziaTed De Grazia
PainterWall painterIllustratorLithographer


Artist Ettore DeGrazia, also referred to as Ted, spent much of his childhood playing with the Apache children from a nearby reservation. Exposure to the Native American culture at an early age inspired DeGrazia's paintings. His work depicted the local tribe's children and legends, and he utilized a technique that used pops of natural color with dark shading. Many of DeGrazia's paintings of the children or Apache horses were converted into lithographs.

DeGrazia prints include a 1960 Christmas card for UNICEF of his painting Los Ninos, which brought him worldwide popularity. After the federal government tax laws on inheritance became strict in the 1970s, he staged a radical protest by taking more than 100 of his paintings up to his favorite camping ground on the Superstition Mountains in Arizona and setting them on fire. Find your next great cultural treasure by browsing lithographs for sale at auction online.
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