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Pan Dehai was born in Siping in Jilin province in 1956 and graduated from the Fine Art Department of Northeast Normal University in 1982. He currently lives and works in Kunming, Yunnan province, which, aside from Beijing, has been the primary location for the development of his career. Pan was early recognized as a leading exponent of "New Representationalism" in the Southwestern Arts Group of the 1985 New Wave movement, but his painting has often gone against the grain of popular trends in pursuit of his own independent voice. There are two major series by Pan—Pan’s Corncob series and Fatty series. Pan’s Fatty series presents a biting social critique of contemporary society. The Fatty series features a vast group of anonymous fatty characters in blue uniforms that are easily distinguishable from his other art works.(Sotheby's New York, "Contempoaray Asian Art" March 17 2008, Lot 138 )
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