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Sold at Auction: Tinus DeJongh

Alias:Martinus Johannes De JonghMartin "de" JonghMartinus Johannes "de" Jongh


Artist Tinus de Jongh was born in 1885 in Amsterdam, Holland. After he was not allowed to study art as a young man, he initially worked as a decorator. Two years later, he started painting Amsterdam street scenes. Although self-taught, his work attracted the attention of the Stedelijk Museum, which purchased several of his paintings and etchings. In 1921, painter de Jongh emigrated with his wife and children to Cape Town, South Africa.

In his new environment, artist Tinus de Jongh abandoned his sober Dutch style of painting and adopted a broader, palette knife style, with saturated colors that were better suited to the landscapes of the Western Cape. Following his death in 1942, the value of Tinus de Jongh paintings substantially increased. The artist's landscapes of South Africa are held in high regard, and his etchings are still extremely popular. Put the world on your wall with collectible landscape paintings for sale at Invaluable.
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