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Arthur Delaney, an artist from Manchester, England, was unusual because his works sold well during his lifetime. He is considered one of the finest contemporary realists. For the majority of his adult life, Delaney worked in a textile design firm in Manchester and painted to relax. He regarded painter L.S. Lowry as his mentor, and he had a major influence on his work.

Delaney's paintings are known for their warm sepia palettes and accurate reflections of Manchester life. His 1974 show at Manchester's Tib Lane Gallery sold out during the preview. Artist Arthur Delaney also exhibited at the Royal Academy in London.

Arthur Delaney captured Manchester's teeming street life of the 1930s. Arthur Delaney paintings remain popular because they also capture the spirit of life in today's industrialized cities. Arthur Delaney's prints, often issued as limited editions, and vintage-style cityscape paintings are available online and at auction.
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