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Alias:Camille Hippolythe DelpyHippolyte Camille DelpyHippolythe-Camille Delpy


(b Joigny, France, 1842; d Paris, 1910) French Painter. Hippolyte-Camille Delpy was born into the family business of pharmacy, which created a complicated relationship between himself and his father, as he was determined to create a career for himself in the arts. Delpy relocated to Paris at the age of sixteen, where he began as a landscape painter, influenced heavily by artists Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot and Charles-Francois Daubigny. As teachers and mentors to Delpy, Corot and Daubigny educated the developing artist in both idealized and realistic approaches to landscape painting. As Delpy began to make a name for himself traveling throughout France and the United States, he experimented further with landscapes and still-life portraits. In 1869, Hippolyte-Camille Delpy exhibited at the Salon and soon became known for his melancholic tones. In 1873, the artist moved to Auvers, remaining there until 1875, at which time he returned to Paris. Although Delpy experienced distress due to financial responsibilities in the 1870s, the following years brought the artist much success in the Saloons and local galleries. With declining health, Delpy exhibited one last time in 1910. The artist remains noteworthy for his ability to portray realistic scenes of nature, while maintaining a great sense of emotion.
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