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Sold at Auction: Antonio DeVity

Alias:Antonio De Vity


Born in Reggio-Calabria in 1901, Italian artist Antonio DeVity was a master of cityscape painting. After moving to Rome during early adulthood, he was mentored by famous painter Giacomo Balla, an artist credited as co-founder of the Futurism movement. The stunning streets of Paris and sweeping canals of Venice became the focus of Antonio DeVity's paintings.

Artist Antonio DeVity's Impressionist paintings of France and Italy show historical buildings and scenic waterways from the early 1900s, before the devastation of WWII destroyed much of Europe. There have been Antonio DeVity paintings for sale at auction as recently as 2014, when his piece Paris Street Scene sold 21 years after his death. Purchase breathtaking cityscape paintings from online galleries and express your human spirit through their inherent energy.
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