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Sold at Auction: Robert Dickerson

Alias:Bob DickersonRobert Henry Dickerson


Self-taught Australian artist Robert Dickerson was a professional boxer at the age of 16. In his early 20s he discovered his skill with art and became a prominent member of the Antipodeans art movement. Macabre figures with pained facial expressions were a primary subject in Robert Dickerson's artwork. By the time Dickerson was in his mid 30s, he had become an established full-time artist.

In 1956, artist Robert Dickerson had his first one man show at one of the Contemporary Art Society's exhibitions in Melbourne. Perhaps one of the most striking things about Robert Dickerson's paintings for sale is the psychological aspect of them; you can almost feel the artist's intended emotion. Browse intriguing vintage portrait drawings online and find a piece that stirs your creative spirit.
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