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Sold at Auction: Herbert Thomas Dicksee

Alias:Herbert DickseeHerbert T. Dicksee


Visual artist Herbert Thomas Dicksee, who was born in England in 1862 to an artistic family, painted from life. Devoted to his pets, Dicksee included them in most of his etchings. Dicksee was a Fellow at London Zoo, where he was often seen sketching big cats, capturing their grace and majestic strength. Painter Herbert Thomas Dicksee enrolled at the Slade School of Art, London, on a scholarship, and his first painting was exhibited in 1881. Herbert Thomas Dicksee's wildlife paintings for sale helped increase his prominence. His work included tender portraits of hounds, such as After Chevy Chase. In 2005 at Sotheby's Edinburgh, artist Herbert Thomas Dicksee's painting, On Alert, A Black Labrador, sold for over $19,000. Dicksee died in 1942, and in his will, his daughter Dorothy was ordered to destroy most of the plates of her father's etchings. Buy skillful animal paintings at Invaluable to bring nature in all its glory into your home.
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