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Sold at Auction: Lafayette Maynard Dixon

Alias:Lafayette Maynard Dixon
PainterIllustratorWall painter


Artist Lafayette Maynard Dixon was a master of 20th century American West genre painting. As a young man, Dixon first started doing illustrations for the periodical Overland Monthly. His mentor, Charles Lummis, encouraged him to leave California to really see the West. Dixon traveled through Montana, Utah, Arizona, and other western states to get what would become the inspiration for his paintings.

Lafayette Maynard Dixon's prints include some of the illustrations he did for periodicals and novels, as well as many of his landscape paintings. Most Lafayette Maynard Dixon prints are of Native Americans, settlers, cowboys, the desert, or combinations of those subjects. His realistic oil paintings depicting classic western scenes have made Lafayette Maynard Dixon art for sale popular among Old West enthusiasts. Find unique illustrations from your favorite movies, books, and scenery by purchasing riveting posters online to enhance your favorite rooms.
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