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David Dodsworth is a contemporary artist working in a graphic medium of his own invention. After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, he set up a studio to experiment with printmaking methods and materials as well as paper-making. He works with thick paints, gold leaf, and other metals that he cuts with a jigsaw. He then casts his exotic papers and carborundum aquatint to develop original intaglio prints in a silicon carbide mixture built onto the surface of copper plates. His unique mixture he presses against the plate to obtain highly textured relief works of art. His imagery is basically abstract. Dodsworth has received a number of prizes – some in Japan and Germany. He was accepted into the Royal Society of Painter Etchers in England. Many large corporations throughout the world own his work-- especially in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Dodsworth is represented by the Park West Gallery, Southfield, Michigan.
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