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Sold at Auction: Jean-Gabriel Domergue

Alias:Jean Gabriel Domergue


Born in Bordeaux, France in 1889, artist Jean-Gabriel Domergue became well known for his paintings, most notably portraits of women in Paris. Domergue studied art from an early age at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts and was working at the famous Salon des Artistes by the age of 17. Painter Jean-Gabriel Domergue went on to earn several prestigious awards for his art and was even named a Knight of the Legion of Honor. Though he began his life's work painting landscapes, artist Jean-Gabriel Domergue's focus shifted to Parisian women during the 1920s. Many Jean-Gabriel Domergue portraits for sale feature aristocrats, dancers, and actresses posing in the nude, and by the end of his career, Domergue had created over 3,000 portraits. To find your next visual masterpiece, look through classic portrait paintings for sale at auction and online.
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