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Sold at Auction: Ken Done

Alias:Kenneth Stephen Done


Artist Ken Done garnered commercial and critical success from the 1980s onward. He endures as an artistic icon in his home country of Australia. His vibrant still life paintings and colorful depictions of Sydney grace many a hat and T-shirt, and Ken Done's posters come courtesy of his and his wife's company, Done Design. He contributes to many charities, and he gave singer Taylor Swift a personalized painting, gifting the fee to UNICEF Australia.

Ken Done's artist journey began at age 14 when he studied at National Art School in East Sydney. He only became a full-time painter at the age of 40, and started off offering Ken Done prints for sale by personally visiting shops in his neighborhood. His first solo exhibition premiered in 1980. Since then, he's exhibited in over 50 shows on four continents. Invaluable offers many other unique screenprints for sale online and at auction.
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