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Sold at Auction: Gustave Doré

Alias:Gustave-Paul DoréGustave DoréLouis-Auguste-Gustave DoréLouis-Christophe-Paul-Gustave DoréPaul Gustave DoréPaul Gustave Louis Christophe Doré
SculptorPainterCaricaturistIllustratorWater colorist


Gustave Dore's drawings and graphic illustrations for books, including some fantasy-themed King Arthur pieces, are among his most recognized works. Later in his career, his skill with engraving would lead him to etching illustrations in wood. Though he was a proficient artist, during his later years Gustave Dore often received criticism for his works; he used very little color and often created negative and extremely graphic drawings. Gustave Dore prints and paintings were never truly defined by any genre or medium, but his later pieces leaned toward Romanticism.

He also produced works in oil and watercolors. Gustave Dore prints, such those that depict angels, the crucifixion, and other religious scenes, are based on inspiration he received from life, history, and faith. He died in 1883. Browse other religious drawings for sale online at Invaluable to find your next inspiring piece of art.
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