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Sold at Auction: Margaret Dovaston

Alias:Margaret Devaston


A quintessentially British artist, M. Dovaston began to build her reputation as a painter at the turn of the 20th century, studying at the Ealing Art School and Royal Academy School. She won numerous awards and her career progressed rapidly; by 1905 she was elected to the Royal Society of British Artists.

During the First World War, Margaret Dovaston paintings were published in a book that highlighted the valor of soldiers, and one such work was purchased for a regimental museum. After World War I, Margaret Dovaston paintings and prints primarily focused on British interior design and clothing, and she became known for her incredibly detailed images of historic scenes and period costumes. She said of this imagined view into a bygone age: They tell a story in which the spectator is invited to fill in the details at will. Modern spectators are able to find modern and vintage oil paintings for sale at Invaluable.
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