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Painter, Sculptor, b. 1932 - d. 2001

Artist D'Arcy W. Doyle created many wistful images of his homeland Australia, and, in particular, scenes depicting the Australian outback. D'Arcy W. Doyle's artwork was painted in a realist style, and often contained scenes of children playing outside and rural images of people working the land. He started out creating murals and signs, yet artist D'Arcy W. Doyle had no formal training before embarking on a successful career as full-time artist.

The most lucrative avenue for D'Arcy W. Doyle's prints are those used in other products, such as calendars and advertisements. Incredibly, it's now estimated that one in four Australians own a Doyle image in one form or another. If you're looking to invest in similarly impressive pieces, browse online for iconic landscape paintings for sale.

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