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Artist Christopher Dresser, born in Scotland in 1834, became one of the most influential design reformers of the 19th century. He became a student of well-known designers, such as Richard Redgrave and Owen Jones, at the young age of 13. He became fascinated with the new science of botany during this time and believed that nature is geometrically balanced. Christopher Dresser's designs are based on this principle.

While his love for botany is reflected in his works, artist Christopher Dresser was also influenced by Japanese art, which he studied and also imported for a number of years. Christopher Dresser prices were affordable as he mainly produced domestic items including wallpaper, textiles, carpet, cast iron furniture, and metalwork, but he also created ornamental pieces, including the highly collectible Christopher Dresser teapots. Buy Victorian glass vases from Invaluable and decorate your home with classic form and beauty.
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