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Sold at Auction: Ronald Ossory Dunlop

Alias:R. O. DunlopRonald DunlopRonald O. Dunlop


Irish artist Ronald Ossory Dunlop was born in 1894, and attended Manchester and Wimbleton Schools of Art. His mother was a watercolor artist, and arguably his first teacher. Portraiture and landscapes are the key subjects of painter Ronald Dunlop's color rich oil paintings, though he also created many still life artworks. Contemporary artist Ronald Ossory Dunlop founded the Emotionist Group of artists and writers, and was an established writer throughout most of his career. His interest in writing was sparked by time spent around his father's friends, including James Stephens, W.B. Yeats, and other Irish literary figures. Ronald Dunlop landscapes for sale often depict coastal towns or scenic countryside homes and farms. Purchase a breathtaking landscape painting online that draws you in, and completes your scenic collection, at Invaluable.
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