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Sold at Auction: Marcel Dyf

Alias:Marcel Dreyfuss


Influenced by Impressionist and Post-Impressionist movements, artist Marcel Dyf was self-taught, becoming a full-time artist in his early twenties. Inspirational country scenes, waterways, and florals were all subjects of Marcel Dyf prints. He would often paint the French countryside of Arles, as he had a studio there in the 1920s. Boating on the Seine, an oil on canvas, is one of the many paintings that has been reproduced to make Marcel Dyf prints. As a member of L'Ecole Francais, Dyf became well known, resulting in successful exhibitions in Britain and the United States.

Portraits of his wife Claudine, who was 36 years his junior, can be found among Marcel Dyf paintings for sale. Despite their age difference, they were happy together, and she frequently did sittings for her husband at his Cannes studio. Find other beautiful, Impressionist paintings of waterways and oceans by viewing magnificent seascape paintings online at Invaluable.
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