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Eyvind Earle was born in 1916 in New York, and he began painting with the encouragement of his father. Many of Eyvind Earle's paintings were exhibited in a one-man art show held in France when he was just 14. He produced numerous landscape watercolors during those early years, and Eyvind Earle's art for sale financed his exploratory bicycle trip from Hollywood to New York.

Eyvind Earle's prints were first produced one Christmas during the Great Depression years when he began an enduring custom of creating his own lino-cut and printed festive season greeting cards. He spent the 1950s working for Disney, and his earliest work was on Peter Pan as a background painter. He made his name on Sleeping Beauty, where for the first time ever, the animators had to follow the lead of the background painter. About 20 years later, Eyvind Earle's prints of imaginary California landscapes were immensely popular. Find realism landscape prints online at Invaluable and choose your next masterpiece.
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