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Sold at Auction: Basil Ede

Alias:Basil Rashley Ede
Bird painter


British wildlife artist Basil Ede was born in Surrey in 1931. He specializes in highly-detailed paintings of birds, in watercolor and oils, and each creation is the result of in-depth field research. He became a full-time painter in 1964, and that year, artist Basil Ede gained international recognition with a watercolor exhibition at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington.

Basil Ede's prints have been reproduced in many forms, including in his own book, Birds of Town and Village, on collectible chinaware, and even on cards and calendars. Basil Ede's paintings include the series The Wild Birds of America, which is made up of 95 original watercolors. Such is his talent and passion that even after losing the use of his right hand because of a stroke, he learned how to paint with his left hand. Show your love of nature by purchasing first-rate wildlife paintings on offer online at Invaluable.
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