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b. 1969 -

El Xupet Negre (The Black Pacifier) is a Spanish graffiti artist hailing from Barcelona. He has bombing his black pacifier/dummy logo since 1989.


His biggest influence was mainly his family, art from all times, graphic design, all information that is around, traffic signs, and brands.[1]

Starting in 1991, El Xupet Negre painted 'Black Dummies' all over the city and everyone wondered who painted it and what was its meaning.[2]

This was the year he began to appear in magazines and in TV in Spain, France, the Netherlands, Germany, and US.[3]

In 1998 he began to paint and sell his pictures on both wood and canvas. Though he still tags, the majority of his work done through painting big old walls in the city (with permission).[4]

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