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Arthur John Elsley's paintings usually depicted daily life in England, often featuring Victorian- and Edwarian-era children interacting with their pets. Elsley was born in 1860 and enrolled in the South Kensington School of Art at age 14. Around this time, his eyesight was damaged when he contracted measles. In 1892, the Arthur John Elsley painting I'se Biggest was so popular, it had to be re-engraved due to the number of prints made.  Commissioned pieces make up a large part of the Arthur John Elsley artwork collection. Many of his paintings were commissioned by the Benett-Stanford family and can still be seen at Preston Manor. His works can also be viewed at various museums throughout England. Values of Arthur John Elsley prints depend on their condition and rarity. Showcase your interest in everyday life of times gone by and browse exceptional genre paintings for sale at Invaluable.
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