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Sold at Auction: Jacob (1880) Epstein

Alias:Jacob (1880) Epstein


Jacob Epstein, a pioneer of modern sculpture, was born and raised in New York's Lower East Side near the turn of the 20th century. Jacob Epstein's artwork was shaped by the city's multiculturalism and explored all facets of the human experience. Not willing to limit his subject matters to what others deemed appropriate, Epstein stood as a controversial figure in the art world.

Sculptures by Jacob Epstein highlight the direct carving technique, whereby the artist works immediately on the material without drafting or sketching first. This lends a look of rough spontaneity to Jacob Epstein's artwork, which belies his control as an artist. Like other modern sculptors, Epstein drew influences outside of Western Europe to inform his aesthetic. The prices of Jacob Epstein's sculptures continued to appreciate worldwide as his popularity grew. Collectors will find avant-garde and modern sculptures for sale at auction to suit all tastes.
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