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Sold at Auction: Erté

Alias:Roman TirtovRoman Ėrte Erté PitchRomain "de" TirtoffRoman Tyrtov


Erte prints may seem ubiquitous, but they are far from the only art he created. His long-term connection with Harper's Bazaar has produced some of the most recognizable and exquisite Art Deco illustrations of the 20th century. But, from the start of his career in 1915 until his death in 1990, Erte produced paintings, prints, sculpture, stage sets, and costumes, and even a set of champagne flutes. He is often regarded as having two careers; one pre-World War II, and a second from the 1960s till his passing. Erte Art Deco prints are credited for a refreshed interest in the Art Deco movement in the artist's later years. Erte prints offer style and affordability that, whether muted or bright, convey a delicious sense of luxury. Erte artwork for sale or at auction usually finds a home very quickly. Consider the world of figural prints for sale at Invaluable from world-famous or budding artists to showcase your interest in the experimental side of art.
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