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Eunice Yunurupa Porter

Alias: Eunice Yunurupa Porter

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Eunice was born at Lulpu the Jameson road side of Warburton Ranges. She spent time in the warburton mission and later moved to Warakurna when she married the senior custodian of Warakurna country.
Eunice is an accomplished weaver making both baskets and fibre sculptures from desert grasses, such as minarri, growing close to her home at Warakurna. She has been making baskets since the intital workshops were facilitated by NPY Womens Council in 1995 and has passed weaving skills on to many women in her region.

Eunice makes sculptural work drawing on animals prevalent in NGY Lands as inspiration, whether they be 'camp dogs' on the community or goannas, porcupines, or rabbits hunted out bush.

These sculptural works are just as often inspired by ancestral figures from tjukurrpa.

Eunice is an extremely active member of her community. She has been an executive member for NPY Womens Council a number of times and is now an advocacy worker for the NPY aged care project as well as Chair of Warakurna Artists. Eunice is a strong advocate for woemsn's and community rights.
As well as making baskets and fibre sculptures and painting she likes to find plant materials for bush dyes and to make the bush medicine, irramangka irramangka which is extremely popular.


fibre sculpture, coiled basketry, painting.


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