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Alias:Bedri Rahmi EyüboğluBedri Rahmi EyüpogluBedri Rahmi


Bedri Rahmi Eyüboglu (1911 – September 21, 1975) was a Turkish painter and poet. Bedri Rahmi was born 1911 in Görele on the Black Sea. He was the second child of a family with five. His elder brother, Sabahattin Eyuboglu, was a well-known writer and his younger sister, Mualla Eyüboglu, was one of the first architects working in restoration. She is well known for her work at the Harem section of Topkapi Palace in Istanbul.

Due to his father's position as a Governor, he lived in various parts of Turkey before attending high school in Trabzon. He moved in 1929 to Istanbul to enter the Academy of Fine Arts in Istanbul.

He left the Academy temporarily in 1931 to study in France with his brother. He learned French in Dijon and later in Lyon. Bedri Rahmi studied then at the Andre Lohte studio in Paris, where he met his future wife, Ernestine Letoni.

Back in Turkey, he completed his studies and obtained his diploma in 1936. In 1937, he entered the Academy as an assistant and translator of Leopold Levy. Eyüpoglu remained at the Academy until his death in 1975.
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