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Sold at Auction: Shepard Fairey

Alias:Obey Giant Obey


An activist and contemporary graphic artist, Shepard Fairey is most known for the 2008 Hope campaign of Barack Obama's bid for the Presidency. He was born in Charleston, South Carolina, and first garnered attention with his Obey series in the 1990s, while studying at the Rhode Island School of Design. Featuring the face of the wrestler, Andre the Giant, and the word Obey, it was an international phenomenon. Using image and print, much of the time to convey social and political statements, artist Shepard Fairey obscures the lines between fine and commercial art.

His public murals are in the United States and throughout the world where fans flock to view them. Shepard Fairey prints and artwork tackle issues of injustice, violence, inclusion, politics, and environmental issues. His work remains as a fresh and relevant social commentary on modern life. Discover an array of vintage and collectible screenprints for sale and at auction and on Invaluable.
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