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Sold at Auction: Henry Farny

Alias:Henry-François FarnyHenry FarnyHenry E. FarnyHenry F. FarnyHenry Francis FarnyHenry-François Farny


Artist Henry Farny moved with his family from his native country of France to America in 1853. Initially working as an illustrator, painter Henry Farny identified an interest in Indian culture by art collectors. He traveled the Missouri River, sketching, taking photos, and collecting tribal artifacts to take back to his studio. By 1890, the artist had moved away from illustration and began painting the scenes he'd sketched and seen during trips to the west.

Many Henry Farny Native American paintings for sale are a result of the artist's fascination with Indian culture, creating vivid watercolors and oil paintings depicting Zuni tribal leaders. He would come to do a watercolor of Geronimo, and, eventually, a painting of Sitting Bull, commissioned by the Northern Pacific Railroad. View artwork from eras past by browsing sensational genre paintings for sale online.
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