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Sold at Auction: Joseph Farquharson

Alias:J. Farquharson


Artist Joseph Farquharson, Scottish laird, was a prolific, expert watercolor and oil painter of dramatic wintry scenes from his own wind-swept, undulating estate, Finzean. Working in the mid to late 1800s, he adopted the plein-air (open-air) technique of French artists, particularly that of Carolus-Duran, having studied with him in Paris. As an artist, Joseph Farquharson worked outdoors in winter using a horse-drawn hut on wheels, complete with wood stove heat and a glass observation window. In 1883, Joseph Farquharson's artwork for sale achieved commercial success that was enhanced by annual exhibitions at the Royal Academy of Art.

Joseph Farquharson paintings are prized for their meticulous, richly painted depiction of sheep and lonely shepherds, set against the shadowy, blue-gray snow-covered hills and golden, magenta-hued skies of dawn or dusk. Stark trees with snow-laden branches silhouette the remaining landscape. View highly collectible vintage landscape paintings for sale at Invaluable.
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