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Sold at Auction: Walter Firle

Alias:Walther Firle


Benefiting from painting lessons at a young age, Poland-born artist Walter Firle studied at the Munich Academy of Art from the age of 20. There he was tutored and influenced by a mix of German historicist, genre, and landscape painters. With travel exposing him to Italian beach and village scenes and the Netherlands Dutch Masters, painter Walter Firle began creating his own genre scenes, many with religious themes. Firle favored dark painted scenes with unique sources of light. One of artist Walter Firle's most famous works, The Fairy Tale, depicts children reading a book, illuminated by some unseen light source. After settling in Munich, Firle was embraced by the painting community and became a member of the Munich Artists' Society. He painted portraits of members of the Bavarian royal family. Walter Firle protraits for sale have held their value and appeal since his death in 1929. Appreciate the play of light on subjects by viewing unique portraits online for sale at Invaluable.
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