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Camille Flers, born in Paris in 1802, was a painter of landscapes and a scholar of Paris. His Views of Normandy and The Banks of the Marne and Eure display a great amount of study and power or feeling in the colouring. He died at Annet (Seine-et-Marne) Paris in 1868. He was the instructor of Cabats. In the Louvre is a landscape by this artist of the Environs of Paris.Camille Flers first learned painting in the studio of a porcelain decorator. He later worked as a theater decorator and dancer, before becoming a pupil of the animal painter Joseph Francois Paris.Flers devoted himself to landscape painting, and he became one of the precursors of en plein air painting. Flers referred to himself as a romantique-naturaliste, and was a member of the new naturalist school of landscape painting that emerged in the 1830s. This new naturalistic approach was in direct opposition to the official classicism of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts.
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