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Sold at Auction: Pedro (1897) Flores

Alias:Pedro Flores GarciaPedro Flores GarcíaPedro Víctor Flores GarcíaPedro FloresPedro Victor Flores


Pedro Flores Garcia (Murcia, 1897 - Paris, 1967) was a painter of the Region of Murcia, Spain.

He was born in Murcia on February 5, 1897, in a humble family. During his childhood he studied at a Marist school and the Jesuit school, but at ten years old began working as an apprentice in a decorative paint shop. In 1908 he began attending classes at the Academy of Fine Arts at the Royal Economic Society of Friends of the Country and then continued in the Art's school. Later, he began working in a lithographic factory with Luis Garay where he learned some photographic techniques. He used photographs taken near the orchards of Murcia as inspiration. He soon obtained several awards with his paintings in 1927 and obtained a great appreciation of criticism in the exhibition conducted by Ramón Gaya and Luis Garay in Galeries Dalmau Barcelona.
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