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Sold at Auction: Charles Frace

Alias:Charles FracéCharles Lewis Frace


Artist Charles Frace left freelance illustrating in the 1950s, and turned his artistic attention toward painting wildlife. Charles Frace's paintings and signed prints are permeated with a photographic essence. His pieces, inspired by expeditions, depict majestic elephants, stealthy big cats, charming panda bears, playful otters and seals, and many other creatures.

The beauty of Charles Frace's paintings lies in the realistic details. A Touch of Red shows the striking contrast of a red fox against a snow-filled forest, and Companions displays a pair of gray wolves walking through water, on top of their clear reflections. Charles Frace's art for sale also included illustrations done for several of Roger Caras' books. To highlight his contributions to the art and wildlife world, Frace was honored with an exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History. Bring some wondrous imagery into your home by purchasing realistic animal prints for sale online.
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