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Sold at Auction: Jean Honoré Fragonard

Alias:Honoré FragoJe FragoHonoré FragonardJean Honoré FragonardJean-Honoré FragonardOnorato Fragonard


Work by French artist Jean Honoré Fragonard has become recognized through celebrated works such as The Swing, a well-known painting depicting a girl with her unsuspecting husband and hidden lover, and Young Girl Reading, known as one of Fragonard's fantasy figures. These idealized subjects in Fragonard paintings are painted with loose brushstrokes and bright colors.

Throughout the 18th century, sensuous outdoor scenes and stories of complex relationships littered the canvases of Fragonard paintings. Fragonard also painted so that viewers could see the contrast between light and shadow, and long, flowing brushstrokes and short, demonstrating that visual pleasure was as important as narrative. Today, Jean Honoré Fragonard figural paintings for sale are valuable pieces that reflect subtle but complex ideas through vibrant colors and texture. For pieces that tell stories and add light to any room, browse collectible figural paintings for sale at Invaluable.
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