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Sold at Auction: Elisabeth Frink

Alias:Dame Elisabeth Frink


Sculptor and painter Elisabeth Frink had her first successful solo exhibition at the Beau Arts Gallery in London when she was 22. Elisabeth Frink's prints and lithographs were created with sparse color, minimal detailing of facial features, various stages of motion, and strong shading. Her ability to bring movement and life to her paintings continue to make Elisabeth Frink's prints popular today.

Though she was a talented painter, she is best known for her bronze sculpting. She used abstract elements combined with textured techniques to give life to her sculptures of dogs, horses, and nude male figures. The musculature and emotion conveyed in Elisabeth Frink's sculptures for sale have made her one of Britain’s most acclaimed sculptors. You can browse sculptures and lithographs for sale online by other talented artists at Invaluable to find your next artistic treasure.
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