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Sold at Auction: A B Frost

Alias:Arthur Burdett Frost


Quite the eclectic artist, A.B. Frost is known for his comic illustrations, watercolor paintings, and chromolithography prints. Born in Philadelphia in 1851, he first gained attention for illustration art in the 1874 book, Out of the Hurly Burly. In between stints at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, A.B. Frost produced artwork for several publications, including Lewis Carroll's Rhyme? And Reason? and Joel Chandler Harris' Tales of Uncle Remus. Thereafter, he produced a couple of his own books.

From the photographic realism of Tourists Riding Bicycles and Berry Pickers' Camp to the cartoonish style in The Golfer's Alphabet, A.B. Frost paintings created engaging vignettes that inspired future artists. A.B. Frost's prints are regularly displayed at galleries and auction houses, and the Library of Congress and North Jersey History & Genealogy Center feature pieces among their online collections. Find rare lithographs at auction to complete your own collection.
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