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Carl Fudge uses digital technology as an intermediary step, exploiting the computer's facility for subtle control of composition and color before returning to more traditional media to create the final work. His recent suite of prints, "Rhapsody Spray," is based on the image of Sailor Chibi Moon, a Japanese anime character endowed with shape-shifting, transformative powers. Fudge digitally reworked every inch of a scanned image of Chibi Moon into a nearly abstract composition that was then used as the model for a meticulously executed screenprint, produced in four chromatic variations.


Born in London, England, Carl Fudge has lived in New York City for ten years. His work involves the intersection of the oldest and the newest printmaking technologies. Many of Fudge's prints are complex digital reworkings of Japanese 17th century woodcuts and contemporary popular images. Carl Fudge teaches at Columbia University.
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