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Sueharu Fukami (b. 1947) is a Japanese ceramic artist and sculptor known for his work in greenish porcelain (Sei Hakuji / Celadon). He was born in Kyoto into a family with strong ceramic connections. His father Yoshiichi Fukami ran a pottery business that made functional pots for day to day use. While his elder brothers continued in this tradition and ran the family firm, Sueharu was free to experiment, allowing him to become an already respected artist at the age of twenty, winning acceptance to the prestigious Nitten Exhibition. This initial success was not immediately followed up and this caused him to attempt to reinvent his work and style several times before his forms found acceptance again. He developed his now signature qingbai glaze and press moulded techniques with sharp lines and milky smooth surfaces. His status in Japan today is comparable to the status of masters of contemporary painting on the international art market.

Fukami won the Premio Faenza at the annual ceramic art exhibition of Faenza, in Emilia-Romagna, Italy, in 1985. This allowed him the following year to have a solo show at the 1986 competition (by right as the previous years winner). His work has cumulated into a 20-year anniversary show of 25 prize winning works at Faenza in 2005.
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