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Johnny Gaston Art for Sale at Auction

b. 1955 -

It's easy to notice the Impressionist details in artist Johnny Gaston's paintings and how he applies such defined features to his subject matter. There are noticeable knife and brushstrokes that blend textural elements with the art movement's distinctive characterizations of color and light. When admiring works such as Portrait of a Sicilian Gypsy Girl, viewers note that Gaston's style is evident, as the oil painting vividly replicates the details that a photograph would capture.

Although there are pieces such as the pastoral Yorkshire Views and the striking A Female Cheetah at Rest on the Serengeti, many of Johnny Gaston's paintings highlight French city life. Realistic flourishes throughout Johnny Gaston's artwork for sale include minute details of plant boxes on top of awnings and shadows cast by carriage wheels in the snow. Find other postcard-like pieces to add to your art collection with cityscape paintings for sale at Invaluable.

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